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Benefit Derived

Enjoy all our Benefits


  • The primary beneficiary of any of our services would be members but non-members can only benefit through cooperative registered members.
  • All register members will benefit at the end of each year, food stuffs dividend harvest, in some cases cash equivalent (not Encouraged)
  • Special gift will be given to best contributors and best participatory members.
  • Members can take loan amount up to two-three times the value of their total savings and contributions subject to terms and conditions on loan applications.
  • The repayment will be spelt out at the point of loan approval or business income (or as agreed with member).
  • To access any loan member must have been registered with the Cooperative and making regular contributions for at least one to three months. The minimum share capital must have been fully paid.
  • Personal and business loans help members to save money and repay the loan over a reasonable period of time at a fair and fixed rate of interest in reducing rate.
  • Repayments calculated on the reducing balance of the loan. This means smaller interest repayments as you repay your loan, is also flexible because you can repay the loan earlier or make larger repayments than agreed with no penalty.
  • However, in event of default, there shall be serious penalty.