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Our agricultural financing programs encourage the long-term strength, resilience and profitability of Nigerians in the business of farming for crop and livestock production, processing and off-taking of produce from farmers which makes financing easier. Funding for farm operation expansions and intensified productivity is enhanced through the New Kosol Cooperative Financing Scheme, thereby eliminating personal collateral security because of the ‘triangulation’ of the system. The company uses the collateral and goodwill of the off-takers to approve loans for the farmers, who are usually in registered groups.

To this end, loan repayment is made easier at harvest, because a farmer is paid the balance after deducting the borrowed capital and the interest, giving no room for defaults.


By encouraging group participation through the New Kosol Cooperative scheme, we provide access to cheaper mechanization of farm operations in terms of mechanized land preparation with ploughing, harrowing and ridging implements; planting with mechanical planters and weed control, crop protection with boom spraying of agrochemicals. Doing these collectively reduces costs, and prevents delay because large operations motivate tractor-hiring firms to mobilize to farm sites on time. 

At New Kosol Group, we’re committed to helping local farmers in mechanizing their farms and in bringing new-age technology to their doorsteps. The technology which increases Farmers’ income, reduces the cost of farming and makes their farm climate-resilient, is the need of the hour, and we are focused on financing such technologies.

To that extent, we provide structured, flexible working capital solutions for the distribution of new-age machinery/ technology/farm inputs from manufacturers to farmers.


Through our off-taking intervention, the New Kosol Group has made it easier for farmers to get the best available seeds, seedlings, agrochemicals, and other inputs which contribute to successful farming and better yields. The New Kosol Group sources inputs locally or imports the same if not readily available to make available to the farmers. The quality of seeds and seedlings determines harvest, and access to improved seeds would guarantee a bumper harvest. The Group makes the protection and boosting of yields of crops for the farmers easier by ensuring they have access to original chemicals and fertilizers.


We are passionate about enhancing knowledge-based integrated and sustainable agriculture in Nigeria, through our various capacity-building activities. We train and have successfully trained thousands of Nigerians and still counting. Our training scheme covers a variety of sustainable and environmentally friendly agricultural enterprises to increase household incomes and supports market orientation of small-scale agricultural and food production in agricultural value chains.

The scheme aims at the sustainable and resource-efficient intensification and improvement of agri-business productivity. It also extends to include enhancing quality impacts while improving production net returns. The aim is to increase income, employment and food security in Nigeria.


We operate on an integrated basis to provide our customers with a portfolio of solutions that few others can match. Whether it is agronomic expertise, operational efficiency, risk management products or other financial solutions, we have the resources within New Kosol Group to help you meet your goals.

We are committed to supporting the success of our partners and clients. We stand solidly behind our contracts and our variety of solutions are tailored to our customers’ business objectives. 


Our off-taking solution cuts across several agricultural clusters and provides our farmers and producers with assured readiness to buy off their produce, as well as provide other safeguard measures in the agricultural value chain.

Our off-taking approach is geared towards improving the food supply chain and enhancing small-scale farmers’ income, especially those in rural areas by providing them with premium markets for their produce. We also work with networks of credible off-takers across the country.


At New Kosol Group, we offer a comprehensive line of products for farmers who want to maximize both their production and their returns through the use of professional agronomy, product marketing and financial products.

Our purpose is to provide food and employment opportunities to Nigerians in a safe, responsible and sustainable way. Every day, we connect farmers with markets, customers with ingredients, and people and animals with the food they need to thrive. We combine our experience with new technologies and insights to serve as a trusted partner in the agricultural sector.


Our unfettered access to market information allows us to provide our customers with industry-leading global market insights to keep them ahead of the market. Our understanding of the commercial aspects of commodity trade and financial institutions has allowed us to build innovative funding solutions to tackle specific customer objectives.


Risk Management is at the core of New Kosol Group, we know that where there is a risk, there is an opportunity – a chance to be proactive instead of reactive.

Our risk management experts partner with customers to build commodity price risk management strategies using tailored solutions that are unique to their goals, industries and market biases.

Together, we can minimize uncertainty, maximize opportunity and manage price risk with confidence.

Whether you are producing, selling or merchandising products in the agri-value chain, when you partner with New Kosol Group, you automatically have access to risk management experts who understand your business objectives.

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