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New KOSOL cooperative primary purpose is to increase member producers’ production and incomes by helping them with funds to finance agricultural inputs, provide information and a better output markets. New KOSOL cooperative is to help farmers increase their yields and incomes by pooling their resources to support collective service provisions and economic empowerment,  extend training and other capacity building initiatives and also show members and non-members how to procure inputs most efficiently and market their outputs on more favorable terms.


New KOSOL cooperative provides working capital loan, this is basically for the purpose of financing the everyday operations of a small and medium businesses. Working capital loans are not used to buy long-term assets or long term investments and are instead used to cover accounts billed, wages, operational costs, such as rent, payroll and debt payments, etc.


New KOSOL cooperative provides short term Loan to enable parents dream for their children come true. The future you want for your child can become a reality with school fees financing loan. The loan can also be used to pay for other expenses, such as buying of textbooks, school bags, laptop or materials needed to complete school projects, a onetime cost spread over the loan repayment tenure.


Looking for emergency cash to be sanctioned within a short duration? New KOSOL cooperative offers cash advance loans at attractive rates to help you deal with a financial crunch, New KOSOL cooperatives offers a Salary Advance Loan program that includes an inexpensive term within 24hours of applications; it is a convenient loan along with no hassle.


Money is a big worry when you’re starting a small or medium business. You may have big ideas and plans in place, but you haven’t launched yet because of lack of funds, New KOSOL cooperatives close the gap between your ideas and lack of money to execute it. A repayment plan on reducing balance is applied here.


Home is everything and you understand what they mean when they say that “home is not a place, it’s a feeling”, it is worrisome if paying your landlord your house rent is a big financial challenge. With New KOSOL cooperatives Rent Loan, we take the pressure off: we’ll keep your commitment to your landlord; A repayment plan on reducing balance is applied here.


New KOSOL cooperative Society furniture loan is simple, easy and here to help you decorate your home the way you want to. This also cover kitchen utensils, A repayment plan on reducing balance is applied here.


When you’re looking for an auto loan, New KOSOL cooperative Society can help you facilitate that, including new car loans, used car loans, and auto refinancing options, whether you are buying from a dealer, or a private seller. A repayment plant on reducing balance is applied here.


New KOSOL cooperative Society can help in a range of consulting services provided by certified entrepreneurs’ advisors to businesses and high net worth individuals who require specialized advice on capital formation, cash flow and wealth management. Onetime charges apply here for well to do individual and this is free for less privileged individuals.